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Please Note: 

Pencoed Castle and the grounds are on private property. The Castle, Barns and grounds are not open to the general public.

There are public footpaths that skirt around the property which will allow you a good view of the castle. please email if you would like more information about the footpaths.

The Castle and barns are not open to the public. We do welcome people who wish to take photos, all we ask is that you park your car with consideration, and you make your self known to us upon arrival. The private driveway leading up to the property has many pot holes please drive carefully and slow. In addition the castle, barns and grounds have many hazards that could cause injury. The owner will not be held liable for any damage caused to you or your property.

Drones (UAS) are not permitted to fly or record at all, Unless permission is sought from the owner or residents.

Please use the contact form to enquire more about the use of drones.